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Player: Squid
Contact: PLURK: Squiddly
Age: 27
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Character: Reinhardt Wilhelm
Age: 61
Canon: Overwatch
Canon Point: After fighting the Dragon Gang

Background: Wiki

Personality: As a person, everything about Reinhardt is bigger than life. From his stature to his very personality. He is big, loud, large and in charge. He has not only been Overwatches biggest advocate and loudest support, but it's biggest critic as well, having high expectations of its purpose, and always ready to remind it's heroes that this is what they are: heroes. He's a very, very energetic man, always at the forefront of every fight with his shield and hammer, a melee battler at his core and a deadly, fierce combatant in battle.

One might imagine that Reinhardt would then be an intimidating person off the field as well, just as battle and success driven. It's... sort of true. Reinhardt is your typical Type A personality with one exception: He is the kindest, gentlest gentleman you might ever meet. He is fiercely loyal to his team, and has a deep and profound love of Overwatch and everyone in it. He took in Fareeha Amari as his own, and one can tell the crusader's personality has rubbed off on her. He is dedicated to success in everything, and this includes being a good, reliable, and understanding friend. Close to Torbjorn, he's an honorary member of his family as well, and while most other members of Overwatch might find Reinhardt to be loud, obnoxious, stubborn and occasionally pushy, all would agree he's by far the member with the biggest heart.

He's a man who is constantly in motion too, unable to actually remain still for any point in time, always having to be doing something, whether it be exercise, battle, some form of sport, he must always be in motion, or else he gets bored, and a bored Reinhardt is something that just shouldn't happen. He even has more bounce and energy than some of the younger members of Overwatch, and it's not surprising that many of them might find him tiring.

That being said, he's not a man with a few hangups. Upset that he had been forced to retire from Overwatch, he feels a deep sense of guilt that he was not there to help it when it reached it's final, scandalous days. He feels a little like the last of a dying breed, as everyone he once knew and loved has seemingly passed away, from Jack Morrison to Gabriel Reyes to Ana Amari. He styles himself as a kind of knight of old, a German Don Quixote, if one will, and before he answered the call to return to Overwatch he had dedicated himself to defending justice across the world, donning his Crusader armor again. He's a man of high ideals and deep morals, who has an expectation of himself that he always drives himself to, a reason to wake up every day and greet the morning, no matter what the previous day might have been.


Most of Reinhardts powers lie in his power armor, such as increased, super human strength, the ability to wield the rocket hammer, the generation of his power shields, and his rocket powered charge attack.

As for his more human abilities, Reinhardt is quite a hearty old man, capable of taking a lot of physical damage, and doling out physical attacks that would sting just as much as you would think if they were coming from a seven foot tall giant.

The ability of most note, his power shields, block all sorts of long range attacks, but cannot block melee attacks, which means that in order to properly damage Reinhardt one has to get behind his shield, and get within range of that rocket hammer.

Alignment: Thras. Reinhardt is the embodiment of courage, as far as Overwatch goes, styled as a lion, brave and powerful. He not only understands what it takes to be courageous, but he understands what fear can do, and what feeling fear is like.



Remember that we ask for samples that show 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, such as environmental effect. You can also use the same sample source for both, just make sure to directly link or quote the emotion portion. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

General Sample: Sample

Emotion Sample: Emotion Sample

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